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Gifting and receiving care packages is one of the greatest joys of my life.

That, and tending bees and earth.


With Herball Reparations Care Packages, the gifts are threefold:

* You pay to gift Apis Atabey herbs to BIPOC*

*You receive the gift of joyfully paying it forward*

*Apis Atabey gifts all proceeds as reparations*

In the spirit of continuity and collaborative community, Apis Atabey is partnering with Celesté Martinez, founder of Celestial Alegría, to offer free care packages to past and current recipients of the Reparations Network.

For $32 + shipping, you sponsor one recipient of the Celestial Alegría Reparations Network to receive a carefully curated gift from Apis Atabey. These amazing healerartistactivist folk have each received $500 in reparations. It is a pleasure to receive your support in sharing my gifts with them. 

All proceeds from these care packages will also be gifted to the Reparations Network to help raise funds for more direct payments to the Black and Indigenous beeings who are each a gift to the world, in and of themselves.

To Send Care to BIPOC, please send $32 + $12 shipping ($44 total) to:


Venmo: @karla-capacetti


Please comment "SEND CARE" in your payment.

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