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Consult the Oracle: Welcome

My oracular offerings are intended to help you dive deeper into your own mystery of beecoming by exploring dreams, holistic healing, and ceremony together. Sessions range from 30-90 minutes and are as unique as each client. My duty as Oracle is to shape-shift into the messenger you need at every step of your personal journey towards whole beeing healing.


Dreaming is a way of weaving between the worlds. When we examine the symbols and themes of our dreams we can begin to understand the world we are magnetizing in our every day reality. In these sessions we make time to connect to the Earth and the Cosmos and hold space for the deep wisdom our dreams bring to the surface. 

30 mins :: $33

60 mins :: $66

90 mins :: $99


We step into the apothecary and discover which plant allies might best suit your physical and/or spiritual needs. I provide in depth support combining intuitive plant medicine and wellness coaching. Each full-length session includes a ceremonially prepared potion and a channeled poem just for you! 

60 mins :: $88

30 mins follow up :: $33

(scheduled after 21+ days)


These high energy healing sessions are an opportunity to drop in, together. We spend time exploring the mysteries of your experiences, grounding into the Earth, receiving Her messages, and clearing old pathways that no longer serve. Using sound, movement, breathwork, Reiki and a variety of shamanic healing modalities, we tap into the medicine of your beeing. 

60 mins :: $108 

90 mins :: $144

Consult the Oracle: Services


Please submit this form with the type of session you'd like to schedule in the subject line!

I'll bee in touch soon!

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