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I love celebrating my birthday for a whole month and I love celebrating my birthday with a purpose.


Join me in dedicating my birthday to celebrating Black and Indigenous life by entering to win an Apis Atabey Care Package for you and a BIPOC friend!


Apis Atabey Herbal Preparations:

2 x Scrub n Soak Body Salt

2 x Chocolate Earth Elixir

2 x Cranberry Hibiscus Oxymel

2 x Agüita Florida

2 x Hand Dipped Candle Set

2 x Apis Atabey First Harvest Honey




A wellness or marketing coaching call with CJ Thomas, founder of Life by the Moon Yoga



Signed copies of Michelle Cassandra Johnson's book Yoga Skill in Action: Radicalizing Your Yoga Practice for a Just World


Seeds to start your own herbal garden!


All proceeds will be distributed between Orlando Herbal Mutual Aid and Afro-Indigenous Caribbean Healers.


$3 for 1 entry

$6 for 3 entries

$9 for 6 entries

$18 for 12 entries

$27 for 21 entries

$32 for 32 entries

$108 for 144 entries

To enter the Beeday Raffle, send your ticket price to:

Venmo: @karla-capacetti


Please comment "BEEDAY RAFFLE" in your payment.

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